Hellenic Asinus Farms is the first company in Greece specializing in the production of raw materials from donkey milk. Based in Athens, we are in constant cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of Thessaly (TEI of Larissa), in order to develop modern and innovative products. Our goal is to conquer the International market as the best and most reliable supplier of cryogenically produced donkey milk powder for the cosmetics industry. We produce donkey milk powder via a patented production process.

Hellenic Asinus Farms Farms was founded in 2014 and operates a farm of 80 donkeys which maintains so that it can evolve technology applied on the donkey milk. Thereby actively supports the Greek economy, while at the same time obtains a very useful platform for the development of know-how on the donkey milk at all stages preceding its production (reproduction, nutrition and care of donkeys), and those that follow (maintenance, transportation, sterilization, lyophilizization, packaging / preservation).

In the context of development, Hellenic Asinus Farms seeks partnerships with donkey milk producers in order to respond to the increasing demand for our products. Having set strong foundations, such as our specialization and know-how in the production of products from donkey milk for the cosmetics industry, we are moving on to the next level with the development of GALANON, Cryogenically Processed Donkey Milk Powder Food Grade. The development of such a product is an actual revolution for the food industry, solving a number of problems. For example, creams for infants and little children with allergies in the protein of cow milk.


Hellenic Asinus Farms seeks new collaborations. Given the expected increase in demand for donkey milk globally, as well as the fact that we are in the process of developing new products targeting both cosmetics and food industry for the first time since we started our venture, we are interested in examining potential collaborations with donkey milk producers and develop new partnerships across Greece

If you are a farmer and have a donkey farm in operation or examining the possibility of starting a new donkey farm, do contact us. Our company is interested in exploring additional sources of fresh donkey milk.

We are buying donkey milk.

We buy fresh donkey milk from producers. If you are interested contact us.

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At Hellenic Asinus Farms, we are able to guarantee that:

  • The supplier is sure that agreed production will be absorbed at specific pre-agreed prices, without any hidden costs or unpleasant surprises.
  • The supplier is working side by side with a trusted and experienced partner who will stand beside him in every need in order to develop his business.
  • The customer has the certainty that the most stringent standards were followed during the production process.
  • The customer has the certainty that he is buying 100% natural donkey milk powder
  • The customer receives a full series of certificates for our products.
  • NETO is the only donkey milk powder with full series of clinical tests (In-Vivo & In-Vitro), proving its efficacy as an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and moisturization agent, suitable for sensitive skins, with demonstrated sebum reducing activity, ideal for products designed to soothe rashes and irritated skin.